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Group Aircraft Charters

Charter a Large Airplane

Horizon Jets Charter Inc. is a worldwide leader in large wide body aircraft charter. Our experience in arranging charter flights for large groups is very extensive and we have direct availability for commercial size jets all over the world. With over 25 years of experience arranging group charter flights for sports teams, touring artists, corporations, and government entities, our team of professionals uses their access to thousands of aircraft and operators.

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Charter a Large Airplane in Alaska

Horizon Jets Charter is your gateway to Large Group Aircraft Charter worldwide. Planning group charter is quite different then just hiring a private jet. It allows more than a few advantages that a normal commercial flight does not. It is also quite complex behind the scenes. We make it a one stop process and arrange all the details of your trip. When renting a commercial size aircraft for your large group we have the ability to customize your trip according to your company or event. There are many airport options that allow us to fit your schedule any day you choose. Some of the things that will be handled are...

  • Locate Proper Airports
  • Arrange Customs Service
  • Arrange Security
  • Ramp Access Handling
  • Landing Permissions
  • Catering
  • Motor Coach Transportation
  • Aircraft Fueling
  • Eliminate Change Fees
  • Determine Proper Aircraft
  • Supply Hotel Assistance
  • Handle Expensive Cargo

  • Commercial Large Aircraft are available in all the larger airports worldwide. These bookings take time so please try and prepare in advance. Availability is not the same as smaller private jets and we want to be sure to have the aircraft you need.

    Charter a Large Airplane in Alaska

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    Sports Team Transport

    Charter a Large Airplane  Charter a Large Airplane  Charter a Large Airplane  Charter a Large Airplane

    Horizon Jet Charter regularly hires out aircraft to sports teams and sports fans of all kinds. This alternative to the extremely expensive option of owning your own private plane or the much more inconvenient option of flying commercial has become increasingly popular. Planning for sports team travel includes an extra twist that normal group air charter does not require and that is the capacity of equipment necessary.

    When hiring a Large Group Aircraft Charter you have all the convenience of the airports closest to your destination and you fly on your time schedule. Simple, you decide how many passengers that are traveling from where to where and when exactly you want it and we handle it all. Available at most are various size aircraft options. Your specific needs will be determined by your customer service caretaker. It is wise for sports teams to book all the dates necessary long before to protect the availability since their schedule is preset.

    Charter a Large Airplane Charter a Large Airplane Charter a Large Airplane Charter a Large Airplane

    Renting Large Aircraft

    Easy Private Boarding

    Charter a Large Airplane

    Boarding your Large Charter Aircraft is always private and certainly in most domestic cases an absolute pleasure. Not dealing with the hustle and bustle of the terminal traffic is an excellent time saver. There are some international airports that have us parked slightly further then normal and require us to get you airport transportation to the aircraft. This is not common. Depending on your destination we will do our best to get the easiest loading as possible.

    Ground Transportation

    Charter a Large Airplane

    When you are ready to travel and if you require transportation to your aircraft it is common for us to supply motor coach service. We can also have transportation arranged for you at any part of your trip. Maybe your group has a tour they would like to make while at your destination, no problem, just ask our customer service representatives to arrange your coach service.

    It is our privilege, responsibility and honor to take care of all the details associated with your trip beyond just the flight itself, to include anything and everything you may need for your comfort and convenience.

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    Corporate Group Charters

    Charter a Large Airplane

    When you are planning a trip for a large group of 25 or more passengers you will need an aircraft that can accommodate everyone and their belongings comfortably. Whether you require an aircraft for an event, a company trip or an emergency, we provide a range of group charter solutions to meet your requirements. Learn more about how our group charter team can create your ideal excursion.

    Luxury Aircraft Catering

    Charter a Large Airplane

    At Horizon Jets Charter our catering is basically skies the limit. We can supply special menus for any type of request. We deal with all the largest catering companies all over the world. Some locations worldwide do not allow us to give complete extensive food choice but 85% of airports worldwide do. Explain your needs to your group charter salesperson and they will assist you in getting what you require depending on your catering budget.

    Charter a Large Airplane

    Rent Large Jets

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    Worldwide Destinations

    Charter a Large Airplane

    What can you say with private flight. Their are basically no restrictions to destinations as long as there is an airport to land. Your group charter aircraft will be direct from your departure location to your destination, something almost impossible to accomplish by regular commercial flight with an extensive amount of passengers.

    No matter where you are departing from , we will be able to determine the proper aircraft, assist with all details and allow your group to travel in style and comfort.

    Aircraft Rentals

    Business Class and Comfort

    Charter a Large Airplane

    The Dornier 328 JET offers quiet, comfortable and reliable air travel from anywhere or to anywhere from short to medium regional destinations in various interior configurations up to 30 passengers. It is well suited for sporting events, corporate shuttles or group getaways. Unfortunately it is not available worldwide but your customer service representative will do the best possible to accommodate your group charter.

    There are other aircraft of this class that we often use in other locations worldwide. This small group air charter is a common size for short range trips. This size aircraft will travel approximately 1700 nautical miles before needing fuel. If requested, we will do everything we can to get your Dornier Jet for your planned Air Group Charter.

    Commercial Size Aircraft

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